General Terms and Conditions of Use and Sale

The general terms and conditions of sale of this site define the terms of use and sale between the Brin de Corse site (designed by SAS Corsican projects with its headquarters at Arena, 20215 Vescovato, registered with SIRET: 89030724200010), the customers, and the craftsmen.

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The Brin de Corse site is an online sales platform dedicated to local actors in Corsica (craftsmen, producers, traders) and their customers.


The general terms and conditions of sale and use (GTCU) of the (BDC) site aim to ensure the proper functioning of the site, its operation, data processing, and the online sales tool. These GTCU define the framework between the different parties: the buyers (individuals registered on the site), the sellers (craftsmen, producers, suppliers), and the site that links the two: buyers and sellers.

Acceptance of the GTCU

Navigating, using this site, as well as any order placed on BDC implies unreserved acceptance of the general terms and conditions of use and sale presented here.

The GTCU constitute the exclusive online sales contract between the site and the buyer and take effect upon validation of the order. The GTCU are written in French and are subject to French law.

The site reserves the right to modify its GTCU at any time to correspond to the evolution of the site. Each sale is governed by the GTCU in force at the time of the order. The history of GTCU modifications is kept by the site so that the buyer can have access (upon email request) to the purchase conditions of an order whose GTCU were prior to those in force.

Conditions concerning the buyer

Any order placed on Brin de Corse engages the buyer's responsibility on:

Cookies and Personal Data

Cookies are used on the site to improve your visit. Cookies allow us to remember your visit so as not to show you the cookie acceptance message, for example, at each visit.

No other cookies, apart from those from Google Analytics defined below, are used for commercial or profiling purposes.

Under Articles 17 and 21 of the GDPR, anyone browsing this site, and not having contravened the current legislation, may at any time request the complete deletion of their personal data. You have the following rights regarding your data: addition, modification, deletion. These data may be textual and personal (registration via the site form) or non-personal, they may be photographic. If you wish to have your data deleted, in part or in full, just contact us by email. We commit to deleting them upon receipt of your request as soon as possible, and you will receive a response as soon as your request has been executed. This right applies to all users of this site who comply with the general conditions and current legislation.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service used worldwide by most websites to measure their web audience. Google Analytics uses visit data transmitted by Google such as the pages visited on our site, your visit time, the origin of the visit (social networks, search engine, ...) to help us better understand user navigation to better respond to future searches.

By browsing this site, you accept the collection and processing of data by the Google Analytics service which uses cookies.

Emails and Newsletter

To avoid email pollution, we do not send any type of newsletter. The only emails you will receive as users of this site are contact emails, or automatic emails (in case of registration or after a purchase).


The products marketed on the site are presented with photographs as well as a description and product characteristics necessary for their representation in accordance with Article L111-1 of the Consumer Code.

The product photographs are not necessarily contractual. This means that a product ordered may not necessarily be the one represented by the photo(s) on the Brin de Corse site, while possessing the indicated textual characteristics. Products sold in a quantity of one unit are individual products except if the descriptive text contradicts this, even if the photo shows several for presentation purposes. Visual representations may sometimes be indicative or involve staging.

The product descriptions come from the seller or are transcriptions of the product labeling. However, in case of error, or missing information, the responsibility of this site cannot be engaged. The photographs do not constitute a contractual document.

In case of a product defect, the buyer must approach the artisan or producer whose information is available via a link on each product sheet.


The photos, descriptions, prices, and characteristics of the products are under the responsibility of the sellers. Upon request, the site can manage the products, but the seller has a duty of verification. The responsibility of the site cannot be engaged in case of erroneous data.

The quality of the shipped products, their condition or their expiration date for food products, are entirely under the responsibility of the sellers and cannot engage the responsibility of the site. The sellers are in charge of the shipping and delivery times.

The site, however, commits to accurately reveal the order data (product reference, quantity, delivery address, buyer's contacts). In case of failure or error in data processing, the site commits to correct any error that may occur.

The buyer has the duty to know the mode of use of the products he orders and their limits. Whether it is an expiration date for a food product, or the mode of consumption. For example, it is not supposed to be unknown when a product must be cooked before consumption, even if it is not specified in the description.

Sales Shipping Zone

Sales made from this site can be carried out in Metropolitan France, the DOM-TOM, Europe, and the rest of the World, excluding conflict zones.


An order on BDC is made by selecting products present in the online catalog of the site followed by the order via the clickable button represented by a green basket.

If the payment is validated by the buyer's financial institution, a confirmation email is sent. Only the bank transaction serves as confirmation. The invoice for each order placed on this site is available and printable via the user's account, section > My Account > My orders.

Shipping by the Seller

Under normal circumstances of an order made by a buyer, the shipment of the package(s) is carried out by the seller through postal services, to the postal address indicated by the buyer. The buyer will receive their order in their mailbox, or must ensure the means of their presence for hand delivery by the postman if he does not have access to the mailbox. If necessary, the buyer must show up at their post office to collect their package, within 15 days from the date of the postman's visit. The buyer will have a Colissimo tracking number that will indicate the stages of the delivery of their package until its arrival at their home or at the post office.

Delivery is carried out at the address indicated by the buyer who must ensure the means of reception, or must show up at his post office. If the address contains an error, the return costs to the seller will be charged to the buyer.

In case of a damaged or torn package, the buyer must ensure the condition of the products. If they are damaged, he must refuse the package and make a reserve note on the delivery slip with the mention "refusal of the package due to poor condition"

If the products are deteriorated, the buyer must issue reservations on the delivery slip describing the poor condition of the package and its contents and write a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the carrier under Article L 133-3 of the commercial code.

Delivery Times

The site commits to respond to a shipping time ranging from 0 to 10 working days from the date of the order mentioned by the confirmation email. However, in case of force majeure (strike, health crisis), the probable extension of delivery times cannot engage the responsibility of the seller.

Except in cases of force majeure for which the responsibility of the site cannot be engaged, in case of delivery delay exceeding 5 working days beyond the maximum limit of shipping times, the contract may be terminated by the buyer who may within 60 days from the indicated delivery date renounce his order by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In case the order is received in the meantime, it must be returned to the seller.

Delivery Service in Corsica

For delivery of items like wood, the seller's deadlines are also 10 working days. The seller and buyer will agree on a date and time for the delivery of wood. This service is provided only in Corsica. In the event of disputes between buyer and seller, the site will decline all responsibility, but may contribute to the resolution of the dispute, up to the full refund of the order to the buyer, provided that the goods are returned to the seller.


In accordance with the legislation in force on online sales, the buyer has 14 days after the delivery date to retract and return the entire order. The product(s) must be returned to the shipping address (postal address of the artisan available online or by asking us by mail or phone) in their new condition and in their original unaltered packaging. The order will then be refunded to the buyer except for delivery costs. Return costs will also be borne by the buyer.


For each product, a unit sale price including tax is displayed on the site to which delivery costs indicated before the validation of the order are added at the end. VAT is not included in the rates.

The prices can be modified at any time by the seller.

Out of Stock

In case of temporary or permanent out of stock of a product, the purchase amount will be fully refunded to the buyer.

Force Majeure

The site cannot have its responsibility engaged in cases of force majeure independent of its will and that would disrupt the smooth running of an order. These cases of force majeure concern all elements independent of our will: bad weather, natural disaster, strikes, accident, health problem, epidemic, pandemic, war. This list of cases of force majeure is indicative and is not exhaustive.

Comments and Rating

The reviews (comment and/or rating of 1 to 5 stars) help in the choice of visitors and potential future buyers, they are certified, that is, only buyers of one or more products can leave a review on this or these products.

Buyers have the option (once their order has arrived, or their service is rendered), to leave a review through a comment and a rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars, for each product/service ordered. Buyers can choose to leave a review mentioning only their first name (the date of the order will also be displayed), or anonymously (the year of the order will be displayed).

Each comment is humanly validated before being displayed on the site. It must not contravene the good practices of decency, must not contain any insults, disparaging remarks, nor be tendentious, nor contravene current law. The webmaster reserves all rights to validate or invalidate a comment. However, it is forbidden for the webmaster to: change the nature of a comment, to modify the textual content even partially, or to alter the rating.

In the event of an exceptional problem (breakage, damaged product, deterioration, ...) on a product mentioned in the comment and/or the rating of a buyer, the webmaster reserves the right to contact the buyer and/or the seller to obtain additional information to prevent the same issue from recurring, with the aim of improving the services of the site. The webmaster reserves the right to deactivate/delete any product/service from the site after or before consulting the producer/artisan, especially if he collects one or more testimonials from buyers mentioning a problem with a product.

Responsibilities and Case of Disputes

The site's customer service is at your disposal for any dispute that may arise within 7 days of receipt of the order.

The contract may be terminated by the seller in the event of payment being refused by their bank, as well as in case of refusal by the buyer to retrieve their delivery.

The contract may be terminated by the buyer if the shipped product does not match the product characteristics indicated on the site.

In the event of a previous dispute with a buyer, and depending on the situation of the dispute at the discretion of the seller, the site reserves the right to prohibit any new order from this buyer, possibly leading to the suspension of their customer account from the site's database.

The seller's responsibility cannot be engaged in case of non-compliance with the contract or its poor execution by the buyer.

The site declines any responsibility incumbent on the seller in case of deteriorated product, error in the order, delivery delays, or any other problem beyond its control. However, it may reserve the possibility to commercially manage certain situations on a case-by-case basis, which may lead to the reimbursement of the buyer, a full or partial refund of the transaction, with or without consultation with the seller.

Partial or Full Refund

Any refund involves bank charges. In case of direct responsibility of the BDC site, the BDC site will bear these fees in full. In case of responsibility falling on the seller, the BDC site may as a commercial gesture bear the amount of the fees, or ask for partial or full participation from the seller, which may be equivalent to a deduction of these fees, on the seller's next order.

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